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New & Restocks: Cancer "To the Gory End" CD Down Among the Dead Men "Exterminate-Annihilate-Destroy" CD Funebrarum "Sleep of Morbid Dreams" CD Possessed Entity ... [read more]
20% off everything in the store until the end of February. This includes our BUY 3 CDs GET 1 CD FREE DEAL. Sale will run from Jan 15 to February 29. Almost everything in the shop is below what digi... [read more]
View web version: New DISTRO Titles Abhorrent Deformity - Entity of Malevolence CD Abysmal Darkening - Sub Terra CD Abysmal Darkening - No Light Behind CD Amputory - O... [read more]
HUMILIATION announce "Under the Siege of Invasion." Due out June 30 on Deepsend Records (CD format) and Dark Side of Punk (Vinyl). Stream their new track, OPERATION PYTHON at the below link.... [read more]
This week we've got new titles from Century Media, EBM, Lavadome, Sleazy Rider and Vectorscoope!! New DISTRO Titles: Ad Nauseum - Nihil Quam Vacuitas Ordinatum Est CD Altars - Paramnesia CD As... [read more]
New DISTRO Titles: Abbess - Abbess Digi CD Altars - Paramnesia CD Audn - Audn CD Cardiac Arrest - And Death Shall Set You Free CD Coldblood - Chronology of Satanic Events CD Cruciamentum - Eng... [read more]
A full album stream of Sickening Horror "Overflow" is now available on our Bandcamp page. Link below. Share everywhere!!
This week we have new releases and restocks from Cyclone Empire, Dark Descent, FDA, Osmose, Punishment 18 and Red Stream. New DISTRO Titles Algebra - Feed the Ego CD Alkoholizer - Free Beer...S... [read more]
You can now Pre-Order our latest releases from CROCELL & SICKENING HORROR
New DISTRO Titles Cenotaph - Riding Our Black Oceans CD Clitgore - The Final Cuntdown CD Megascavenger - At the Plateaus of Leng CD Pathology - Throne of Reign TAPE Phalloplasty - Systematic Mu... [read more]
This week we've got new releases from Xtreem Music, SelfMadeGod, Stronghold and IB&DC! New DISTRO Titles (click covers to order) Avulsed - Carnivoracity CD Blaspherian - Allegiance for th... [read more]
The store is finally 100% updated and we've slashed the prices of virtually every item. Our Buy 3 Get 1 FREE deal coupled with this recent price slashing is unmatched. You won't find better prices. Ta... [read more]
This week new stuff from Comatose, Cyclone Empire and New Standard Elite!! New DISTRO Titles: Gorgasm - Destined to Violate CD Pathology - Throne of Reign CD Septycal Gorge - Erase the Insigni... [read more]
DEUS OTIOSUS "Rise" is out today 6/10/14. If you haven't heard it yet, check out the full stream here:
New DISTRO Titles: Cripple Bastards - Misanthropo A Senso Musica Digi CD Decaying Purity - Malignany Resurrection of the Fallen Souls CD Despise the Sun - Embers of the Almighty CD Emptiness - N... [read more]
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