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Deepsend Distro Update 8/10/14:
This week new stuff from Comatose, Cyclone Empire and New Standard Elite!!

New DISTRO Titles:

Gorgasm - Destined to Violate CD
Pathology - Throne of Reign CD
Septycal Gorge - Erase the Insignificant Digi CD
Winter of Sin - Violence Reigns Supreme CD


Cerebral Effusion - Idolatry of the Unethical CD
Coathanger Abortion - Dying Breed CD
Devangelic - Resurrection Denied CD
Disfigured - Amputated Goatwhore CD
Kraanium - Post Mortal Coital Fixation CD
Lost Soul - Ubermensch CD
Mass Infection - The Art of Recreation CD
Necrotic Disgorgement - Suffocated in Shrinkwrap CD
Regurgitation - Clitoraldectomy MCD
Septycal Gorge - Growing Seeds of Decay Digi CD

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