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Serial Butcher
Serial Butcher
Genocide Landscape is a sphincter tearing offering of brutal, grinding death metal that should be sought out by those infatuated with carnal gore and merciless yet intelligent, blasting death metal. With a thick _x001c_European_x001d_ sound and wickedly deep grunts and burps, Serial Butcher have a certain song writing flair that gives them character in a faceless copycat genre. For example _x001c_Hospital Hecatomb_x001d_, delivers an almost high brow riff and swirling undertow one minute in, that belies the band_x0019_s childish subject matter. The grindcore/death metal line is blurred by the hyper tension of _x001c_Cum/Guf Explosion_x001d_ both musically and lyrically but the song again closes with a surprisingly succinct, coherent solo and dare I say, melodic climax that_x0019_s seems far more developed and cerebral than the moniker and content suggest. The traditional heavy metal solo work again arises during the brief violence of _x001c_Where is the Rest of Me?_x001d_. _x001c_Mangled in the Mortuary_x001d_ is the EP_x0019_s most straight forward no nonsense track with a traditional death metal lumber (and classic metal riff) injected into the fermenting chaos and the absurdly titled _x001c_Brutally Bashed Baby Boom_x001d_ with its punishing rumble is an apt closer to the EP_x0019_s short lived but expertly delivered assault._x000d_ _x000d_ Serial Butcher is bound to please any death metal head looking for something new yet familiar sounding to add to their collection, and the upcoming album, providing it shows the same mix of song writing and sheer brutality should be a real ripper. - [Erik Thomas] -
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