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With three members still in highschool, Exitium was formed in September of 2001 by guitarists Justin Jones and Kirk Kirkwood. Within days, Brian Carrigan (drums, formerly of Humanicide), Brandon Carrigan (vocals, formerly of Humanicide), and Andy Beard (bass, formerly of Biomass) were brought on board to start what at the time was intended to be a satyrical/tongue-in-cheek grindcore band called Diabolus et Amicae. After no more than 2 months of practicing it was decided that the project should become a serious effort. After a name change and several months of rehearsal, Exitium began performing live as often as possible, at any venue available, including but not limited to basements, skateparks, birthday parties, and yuppie clubs. A year of constant live performance was followed by the recording of a full length album '"Mechanical Expressions of Purpose" in July of 2002, at Soundpaige studios in Norman, OK. The album impressed fans with a grainy, double-vocal grind assault. After agreeing that Compulsive Blasphemer Records would put out the album, 'Mechanical...' was released and Exitium was ready to start rehearsing material for 'Outsourcing Morality'. Utilizing a relentless and belligerent stage presence, Exitium amassed a following with "Outsourcing..." material in neighboring states such as Kansas, Texas, and Colorado, often with bands Kill the Client and Catheter. After a short hiatus due to Justin working temporarily in Corpus Christi, TX, Exitium entered the studio December 17th and 18th of 2004 to record the second full length With Kill the Client bassist James Delgado in Garland, TX. Though technically undistributed, Exitium's sophomore effort has been well received as much more diverse and technically adept work than the previous album, featuring guest vocals by "The Champ" Morgan of Kill the Client. The album scathes audiences with iconoclastic sociopolitical commentary, dramatic euphemisms, apocolyptic vision, drug-induced banterings of philisophical catharsis, and mind-blowing musical creativity. It was after the album had been recorded, that singer Brandon Carrigan would leave the band, to be replaced by guitarist Justin Jones. Cody Stanley (guitar, formerly of Biomass) then filled Justin's spot. Currently Exitium is writing new material, playing as often as possible, and has signed on to Deepsend Records to release "Outsourcing Morality". Unmastered tracks from the upcoming full length can be downloaded above. Visit our Website for sound clips from 'Mechanical Expressions of Purpose'.
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