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Embryonic Devourment
Embryonic Devourment
Two years have passed since Deepsend Records unleashed the debut album, "Fear of Reality Exceeds Fantasy" from Embryonic Devourment. Recorded by Matt from Decrepit Birth and mastered by Colin Davis (Vile). Two full US co-headlining tours with Lecherous Nocturne and Dismal Lapse, both Deepsend alumni and numerous festival appearances to rave reviews.

"Vivid Interpretations of the Void" carries shows a progression further into the Reptilian agenda, which is the concept behind the album's theme and lyrics throughout. Recorded in January 2010 at Trident Studios and engineered, mixed and mastered by Juan Urtega (Vile).

The technical beast returns to the Void. California's Embryonic Devourment go for the juggular and tear the listener to shreds with "Vivid Interpretations of the Void".

9 songs of technical progression mastery that takes the best elements of Spawn of Possession and combines it with the sheer force of Deeds of Flesh, to create an amalgumation of digust and fury unmatched. Prepare to enter the Void!
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