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Every issue or so I comb through my endless piles of CDs to review and pick up an album that sort of caught me off guard. Not that the music blew me away right off the bat, more like an album that I knew would take a few spins to really get into. An album not of the norm, in other words. That album in question is Vancouver's The Moment. The talented Swiss band has managed to harness the dark 'n' eerie soundscapes of Neurosis, the sludgy thump of fellow countrymen Knut and the crafty electronic/atmospheric swirl of Cult of Luna, forcing The Moment to take on many personas as the album cruises from track to track. The album takes a lot of patience at times to sit through, but the effort in doing so will bring about a rewarding experience. You don't hear many records out now like Vancouver's debut, an album that'll challenge the listener on many different levels. Awesome!
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