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Synapses was formed in the winter of 2008 in Brescia (ITALY) after the dissolution of the band Underhate in 2008). At the end of that experience, Ciulaz, Kane and Sez decided to start a new project with the entrance of Cannibale, who is the current drummer. This artistic union develops the idea of creating modern, violent and frenetic death metal, which has its roots in the 90's, but with the awareness of a more modern sound. The lyrics are introspective and they delve into the dark abyss that we all have.

After the release of their first promo (2009), recorded at Fear Studio in Ravenna (ITALY) with artwork by Lorenzo Fantetti, Synapses brought their live mayhem to the live stage as supporter to a plethora of international bands.

Deepsend Records proudly endorses their excellent mix of modern technical death metal with an old school mindset and appeal. Synapses' as-of-yet-untitled debut album, will again be produced at Fear Studio in May 2011. The new cover art is going to be created by Italian artist, Viviana Medeghini.
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