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1. Do you accept demos?
Yes, please send demos on cd to the address on the contact page. Do not ask us where to send your demo, if we have received your demo, or if we like your band. Chances are, we don't like your band, in fact we already dislike your band after receiving countless emails from every band member regarding questions which already have an answer here. Be smart and use your head, it's there for a reason. If we like your band we will contact you, but only if you include proper contact information with your demo submission.

** If you've gotten this far and are sending us your demo, make sure that the music is actually on the cd. Make sure to send it in a case and packed in a bubble mailer.
2. How does your Buy 3 CDs Get 1 CD FREE Deal work?
It's simple really. All you do is add your 4 cds to your cart and once you figure out which is the cheapest cd, you delete the cheapest cd from your cart and write that in the notes/special instructions/order details section of your paypal payment. Your free cd choice MUST always be the cheapest of your 4 cds ordered.

*** Unfortunately, we can't send digipaks as free cd choices if you're one of our wonderful international customers, We're not trying to lose our shirts with this deal.
3. Why doesn't paypal adjust my order for your Buy 3 CDs Get 1 CD Free deal at checkout when I order 4 cds?
Paypal isn't sophisticated like you or I. In fact, it's quite primitive. If you want a free cd, do not order 4 cds. Order and pay for the 3 most expensive cds and the free cd is the cheaper of the 4. Generally speaking your free cd will be $10 or less. For example, if your order includes 3 $12 cds and 1 $8 cd, you pay for the 3 $12 cds and your free cd is the $8 cd. It's really quite simple. Don't play games with us. We're smarter than we look. If you try and pay for a cheaper cd than your free cd, we'll void the Buy 3 CD Get 1 CD Free deal. Use your head, times are tough, we know.
4. Can I take advantage of your Buy 3 CDs Get 1 CD Free Deal multiple times with each order?
Absolutely! Actually, we strongly encourage this. We hear it's good for you. Just make sure that your free cd choices are the cheapest cds ordered.
5. Should I list alternates with my order?
Yes. For the love of all things unholy, please always list alternates with your order, especially if you're taking advantage of our Buy 3 CDs Get 1 CD FREE Deal. Stock is always turning over quickly, so it's important to always list alternates. Just simply write them in the notes/special instructions/order details section of your paypal payment.
6. Why don't you carry the latest crucial slam-core-ultra-brutal-tech whatever album?
While we respect your right to listen to whatever you want, we don't feel the need to stock every Tom, Dick or Harry's basement jaunt into the vast world of metal. There's plenty of labels carrying this crap and unfortunately, releasing it as well. I'm sure they'd be more than happy to take your money for what's likely to end up as a coaster if you're lucky. Do yourself a favor and listen to Dismember or Immortal instead. It will do you a world of good.
7. Deepsend, why do I suck?
Well, because your wasting your time in our Faq section and not in our store buying our records. There's other reasons, just look at yourself and we're sure you'll figure it out.
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